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Respect and Love

Our planet is our responsibility. It is a home
temporary that has been entrusted to us for our passage here on earth. Respect is living without disrupting Nature's perfect order, minimizing our impact on it. To observe it with love restores joy.

Something concrete

Standing by and watching is not enough for us. We have the need to do, to protect and preserve our beautiful planet.
That is why in addition to carrying out an eco-sustainable activity,
we decided to be part of the reforestation project.
Trees are one of the most precious gifts given to us.

Making a difference

For every bike ride you purchase with us, we will plant a tree. Our trees are photographed, geolocated and have their own online page where you can follow the story of the project you are a part of. 

Buy a bike ride.
Choose which adventure
Is most suitable for you among those
proposals on our site

Let's plant a tree.
As soon as the trip is settled
we are ready to lovingly cultivate and maintain the tree you have
contributed to planting.

Know the tree that is growing because of you.
You will be able to access your account at any time to see its
Exact location, photos and growth status

We preserve the planet.
It is not a utopia,
together we can do it

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